Mile High Select Sale
February 18, 2023
Location : The Ranch, Larimer County Fairgrounds Loveland, Colorado
Directions : 5280 Arena Circle, Loveland, CO 80538


Todd is a 7 year old 16.hh grey draft/quarter horse cross gelding. This gentle giant is a finished ranch horse with a soft handle that is used for every job you need. If you want a horse that the whole family can use this is the one. Todd is kid safe and we have also done riding lessons on him. He has the size the mind and the looks to do and go anywhere. Travel any terrain and do any job on this young half draft horse. He is a one of a kind that'll make anyone a dream come true. Todd is ridden through the rocky high country and in feedlots, ranches and some arena work. This boy has all the potential to go into ranch versatility, kids trail or ranch horse or even any person who just wants a good solid using horse, this guy will drag and doctor calves gather and sort cattle and do it all with a level calm head all day long. Todd also has a big long stride and some speed on him and he could very easily be a barrel horse or head horse prospect.
AQHA Gelding


Smooch is an 8 year old bay AQHA gelding. This fancy ranch horse has had reining training and is finished in all ranch aspects. This boy is incredibly cowy and would win some money in ranch versatility or sorting events. He handles a rope nice and could easily go into being a heel horse. Let's get you a diverse horse right here that could do it all. On top of it all check out this guy's pedigree going back to two of the greatest in history peptoboonsmal and playgun.
APHA Gelding


Hawk is a 5 year old 15.hh very solid APHA gelding. Hwak is APHA registered and goes back to everyone's favorites on his papers the legendary AQHA horses High Brow Cat and Freckles Playboy. This horse is very cowy and loves to track. He was started with a solid vaquero foundation and used with a solid working ranch background. This horse has a great mind and is becoming a solid young ranch horse. Hawk has been rode through all different terrain in the rocky mountains. Hawk travels out very smooth and can take care of his rider in any terrain. Take this boy and make him what you want, he is ready for any job.

AQHA Gelding


Cooper is a 11 year old 15.hh buckskin AQHA gelding. He is a big stocky AQHA registered horse. Cooper has been used on ranches from Wyoming down to Colorado and has all the power to get any job done and he will look great doing it. He has a nice soft handle and good direction as well as a great mind. He is ready to do any job you put in front of him. Cooper is a go to horse that will travel through any terrain and he is very easy on the eyes. If you want a big powerful ranch gelding that moves out smooth and comfortable this is your guy. Take him and go get any job done, he will drag, doctor, gather cattle, trail ride through the rocky high country and even a little arena touch to this guy with nice stops, soft collected walk, trot, lope, good collected back up and proper roll backs. He will be you next dream come true on the ranch or branch him out to some sorting and ranch versatility and this guy will win you some money. Cooper will also track and watch a cow very nice and can stop anything you rope off him. He could make a good rope horse for the head or heal side.
Quarter Horse Gelding


Lunchbox is a 6 year old bay roan grade Quarter Horse gelding. This horse is cool as a cucumber at only 6 years old and very willing to please. He's finished in all aspects on the ranch from dragging calves, doctoring and gathering in the high country. You can work a gate on him and he's even got a fancy touch to him loping circles, side passing, loping diagonals, sliding to a stop, and flying lead changes. He rides how you want one. Take this guy and go any direction.
Kentucky Mountain Gelding


Cinch is a 3 year old chocolate Kentucky Mountain gelding with all the chrome and looks. Cinch rides inside and out of the arena and has been on plenty of trail rides. FMI call Paul Otto at:316-765-4397
Draft Cross gelding


Jeep is a 3 year old bay Clydesdale/Quarter Horse cross gelding. Jeep has had plenty of calves roped off of him. Drives single or double and been in parades. We raised him up from a baby and think he he is pretty special. FMI call Paul Otto at:316-765-4397
Pony Gelding


Black Jack is a 11 year old black pony gelding. Black Jack is 11.hh and one fancy pony! He is broke like the big horses, and walks, trots, and lopes around like a big horse. He has been used by kids from 5 to 12 years old for pretty much everything and used for checking cows and sorting cows. He has also been on trail rides, roping sheep and drives as good as he rides. He is absolutely safe for any age or level to get along with. He is a one in a million pony, saddles and bridles good, great to trim and shoe, good for worming and vaccinations, great down the trails, good ground manners, good to load and unload. All around super cool pony.