AQHA Buckskin Gelding


Docs White Boy (“Gooders”) is a 4 year old registered buckskin gelding. He is friendly, intelligent, athletic, and willing. He takes to whatever task is before him. We have owned Gooders since he was a yearling. He has had 45 days of professional reining training. He is cowy and has worked and handled cattle in many different settings from ranch to feedlot to competition. Gooders excels at trail riding and trail courses. Logs, tires, trail noodles, noise makers, shooting, and numerous other extreme trail course obstacles were all covered during training. Bridges, traffic, semis, air brakes, tunnels, mountains, rivers, joggers, cyclists, kids, barking dogs, and other "real world" situations are a non-event for this outstanding, young gelding. He quietly moves out on the trails, alone or in a group. He is a natural leader but is happy to follow too. Gooders knows both leads and rides between the reins and off leg cues. You can pull him off green grass, and he'll ride off straight from the hitching rail. Gooders has had genuine time. He is not a trader horse, nor is he a 30 day wonder. He is built like a classic quarter horse should be: big hip, short back, long underline, short cannon bones, low hocks, wide chest, and a deep heart girth with a good spring of rib and withers enough to keep your saddle in place. He is wide and flat between the eyes with proportionate distance between eye and nostril. This fancy, buckskin gelding is the complete package.Consigned By: Oly & Cristina Romano Oly’s More info 970-556-4820.
Sorrel AQHA Gelding


(Cnotes Large Reward) 6 year old 15.2hh 1300lb registered sorrel AQHA gelding. Ranch broke gelding off 500 Cow Ranch... Ropes Cows/Bulls/Brand, Kid Horse, Spook Free.